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Article source: Daily Record, 9th October 2009

DIY Dodgers in a fix over niggly jobs

A staggering 72 million DIY jobs need attention in Britain’s homes, a study has found. Hectic lifestyles and laziness has led to endless “when I get around to it” tasks such as fixing squeaky floorboards, mending broken tiles and unblocking sinks.

Other jobs facing long waits to be done are defrosting the freezer and mowing the lawn.

The average UK home has five jobs awaiting attention, according to a survey of 3000 homes by Honda’s Lawn and Garden.

David Hodgkinson, Honda’s marketing communications manager, said: “Modern homeowners are simply too busy trying to juggle work and the children to get around to ‘niggly’ jobs.” “Jobs such as mowing the lawn, dusting the skirting boards and de-scaling the kettle aren’t a priority.” “Every homeowner will have a to-do list as long as their arm but these tedious tasks will often be left until there’s nothing else to do.”

Screwing down squeaky floorboards was revealed as the job which will wait longest to be carried out an average of 25 weeks.

The study also found the average person puts up with the fault for around five months before finally getting around to tackling it and four out of ten said they always left it to their other half to do the job.

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